We design with integrity so you can manufacture with confidence.




Product development from concept to production.

We offer product development services to commercial sector clients

across Canada and the United States

 Mechanical Design 

Metal and Plastic Electronic Enclosures
Heavy Machinery (Agricultural)
Medical Devices
Vacuum Formed Acrylics
Injection Molded Plastics
Sheet Metal Components and Assemblies
CNC Machined Materials
Hydraulic Machines and Devices
Industrial Knock-Down Furniture
Prototype Development and Procurement
Approvals by CSA, UL, NRTL/C, DOL, DOT

 Research and Development 

Product Development Assistance
Forensic Product Analysis
Manufacturing Process Development, Diagnosis/Prognosis and Implementation
Product tests

 Manufacturing Support 

Component Sourcing
BOM (Bill of Material) Lists
State-of-the-Art Electronic Manufacturing Files
Vendor Selection and Acquisition
Vendor Support and Training
Vendor Certification
GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing)
Quality and Inspection Plans
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
Manufacturing Flow Analysis
Training of Production Staff

 Illustrative Graphics 

Full Colour Images for Product Review and Presentation
Animated 3D Models for Product Review and Presentation
Exploded 3D Views for Assembly Sequencing
Illustrations for Instruction Manuals
Illustrations for Product and Service Manuals

 Technical Writing 

Instruction and Product Manuals
Department Procedures
ISO Support Documentation
Service Manuals
Installation Manuals
Operating Manuals

 Modeling and CAD 

3D Solid Modeling
Complex 3D Surface Modeling
3D Printing
FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
2D Drafting

We would welcome your invitation to a project getting involved from its commencement however, we can also participate at any point throughtout an already active project.


If you require assistance with completing your project, we would be excited to help you bring the project to completion.

If you are short-staffed, we can help you so that your project remains on schedule and continues with the integrity your customers have come to expect.
If there are unresolved dysfunctions in your design, let us review the design for you and provide resolution.

Methods Technologies Services is a privately owned Canadian company with its office located centrally in Winnipeg.


The company is a registered micro business capable of adapting immediately to the unique needs of each client.


We understand business and the impact that product development and manufacturing costs impose on profit margins.

Through this understanding we apply product development cost structure to everything we develop.


And with over 40 years of industry and aerospace knowledge and experience, we INNOVATE.



Our goal is to provide you with the necessary support so that you can develop and manufacture your products easily.  We will do all the hard work.


Our vision is to deliver our services like no other.  It is our passion to be at the leading edge of technology, project delivery, and client satisfaction.



Our values about which we are passionate are reflected in our Mission Statement.










    Makes Great Designs...



...that can be manufactured!

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We are proud to have celebrated our 30th Anniversary.


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