Some of the many materials with which we are familiar and have worked are...

Plastics; injected, RTV, extruded, vacuum formed
Mild Steel

High Strength Steel
Stainless Steel
Aluminum; sheet, extruded, cast

Powder metal coatings
Paint Coatings; convertible and non-convertible



A list of only a few of many manufacturing processes with which we have been involved are...
     Plastic and metal casting (product development with mold design fundamentals)
     Cold and hot forming including Superplastic Forming
     Sheet metal forming; both CNC and manual

Metal removal using CNC technology (multi-axis machine centres)

Data integration with vendors using DXF (Data Exchange Format) files

Additive manufacturing (Rapid Prototyping)
Rapid prototyping (full 3D model generation and machine/model code translation techniques)

Corrosion protection; grit blasting, surface preparation, and coating

Adhesive bonding processes

Material removal using grit blast media

Surface processes we have used in our designs are as follows and not limited to...

Anodic coats

Alodine coats
Liquid suspended paint
Powder coating

Hot metal deposition (plasma coating)

Silk-screen labeling

Decals and Overlays