We are looking for skilled people to fill the following job positions:
  1. Financial Bookeeper
  2. This is a part-time contract position.
    The incumbent will be able to perform the following duties:
    1. Use AccPac Simply Accounting V8.0 fluently.
    2. Enter daily financial transactions on a weekly basis.
    3. Generate month-end statements including a Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

  3. Draftsperson, Intermediate Level
  4. This is a part-time contract position.
    The incumbent will be...
    1. able to generate 2D drawings from 3D models created in SolidWorks, Solid Edge, or Alibre Design.
    2. able to generate a BOM from the 3D solid models using the same software.
    3. able to translate all 2D drawings into an AutoCAD format.
    4. must be experienced with using AutoCAD.
    5. must have some experience using TurboCAD.
    6. must be a Certified Technician or Technologist or hold similar credentials.
    7. must have own computer.
    8. must have a high speed internet connection.

    Experience is a necessity.

Each position will be offered on a contract basis. Workload can vary and can include regular weekly hours dependent on workload.

It is preferred that the incumbent be an operator of his/her own business providing the services requested. Other applicants will be considered based on their experience and expectations of contract work.

Please email a resume or profile to office@methods.ca