At the request of our client, we were commissioned for the development of a new Blower desk that would satisfy the numerous requirements of their staff in Canada, their sister companies in the United States, and their international customers.


This desk houses sensitive electronic equipment used in the gaming and entertainment industries.


Primary factors to be considered were function, aesthetics, ease of manufacture and assembly, servicability, quality, and cost.  Direct communication with our client was imperative throughout the entire project.


Several electronic 3D prototype models were developed using a special Solid Modeling software reducing the high cost of prototype fabrication.  A large number of different configurations were generated in the 3D software and tested in 3D, costing a fraction of the price that would otherwise have been wasted in the construction of unusable prototypes.


We listed just a few of the many features we incorporated into this new product.  They are:


- Secure knock-down construction resulting in very easy assembly.  All components were designed with self-aligning features for ease of fabrication.

- Strong composite laminate materials.

- CNC formed steel and plastic components using Laser Cutting and Water Jet manufacturing processes.

- CNC machined wood components for accurate and consistent features.

- Mass production tolerances for fit of any combination of parts.


Our work didn't stop there.  We procured manufacturing vendors, generated real manufacturing cost estimates at various stages of the project as a means of controlling the distribution costs to the end-user (customer), fabricated two prototypes used as fully functional display models at significant Trade Shows, produced all drawings for all vendors, generated a database BOM (Bill of Materials) for use with our client's special database, developed quality assurance practices, trained vendors, and assisted with the assembly process.


To aid with the fabrication process, we generated a fully illustrated assembly instruction manual for our client's shop staff.