The features in this photo illustrate the complexity of fit inherent of the compact size of this product.  This product comprises over 950 individual mechanical and electronic components.  The job of fitting each was a critical task achieved using our 3D solid modeling software and CNC manufacturing processes which resulted in a product that is easy to manufacture, assemble, use, and service.


All components were fabricated at each independent vendor's factory; sheet metal, plastic, wood, wire, and others in accordance with formal drawings produced by us at Methods.  Each vendor had to adhere to strict dimensional tolerances and conditions set by us.  By doing so, each component from any batch of parts could be used in the assembly of each desk.  My client simply would unpackage each component, and using simple tools, assemble the entire desk with bolts and screws.  No drilling, glue, or cutting is required!


This desk is the strongest "Knock-Down" furniture in the industry.