A custom extruded Aluminum front Bezel and steel enclosure to protect very sensitive proprietary electronic equipment was developed at the request of our client.


We developed the entire steel and Aluminum enclosure for the sensitve electronics that our client developed simultaneously with our enclosure design (simultaneous Engineering).  Issues that had to be addressed throughout the design process were fit and function, both with equal emphasis.  Our client, using their PCB (Printed Circuit Board) software exchanged DXF files with us as we exchanged our DXF files from our 3D Solid Modeling software with them to confirm that there is no interference of any electronic components with the enclosure.  Further, as electronic components that fit into the front bezel also had to be located and soldered onto the PCB, we had to implement bi-directional translation of DXF data files to ensure that each electronic component was placed in the correct location.  Our DXF files were used to locate electronic component holes in the PCB for THT processes and pads for SMT processes.


During and subsequent to the design process, we worked harmoniously with their choice of vendors to ensure quick and smooth implementation of production.