An RTV molded bezel and steel enclosure for sensitve electronic equipment.


The front Bezel (blue in colour), is molded using an RTV mold process in lieu of the more expensive Injection Molded technique as the production quantities are relatively small and the use of the injection mold was excessively costly as determined by our economic assessment of the product throughout the design process.  Many issues regarding features on the Bezel had to be considered due to inherent limitations with the RTV mold process.


Many issues had to be addressed so that the product would be successful on its inaugural production date.  A few of the more critical issues included draft angles for release of the Bezel from the mold and material compatibility with the mold and with the electronic components.


We developed the entire mechanical package (Bezel and metal case) from concept to manufacture, developed the process for molding the front Bezel, generated all drawings, and sourced vendors.