We were contracted to develop a set of modular enclosures that could be used in a variety of assembly configurations as a means to protect a diverse selection of sensitive electronic components used in the hydro electric industry.


Utilizing powerful 3D solid modelling software, we created a 3D model that is flexible, making it easier to create different flavours of mechanical components as opposed to creating new parts and assemblies from scratch.


Our designs met every specification set by ERLPhase with regard to functionality, longevity, ability to manufacture and service, and cost.  These units had to endure drop testing, operational vibration testing on special Shaker Tables, environmental tests, and of  course, electronic requirements.  This meant we had to work closely with ERLPhase staff, participating in person-to-person conference calls and internet meetings in real-time with Whiteboard abilities.  We were able to review the 3D model with several ERLPhase staff via the internet without anyone leaving their respective office.  This saved significant money by reducing travel costs for meetings.