We were commissioned to assist with the development of the central feature on the back wall of the shower.


It was our client's first time they have consulted with a firm which uses 3D surface modeling software to create concepts, generate samples, and implement the result into their product line.  It was excessively costly for them (our Client) to use their exceptionally skilled mold-makers and expensive materials to produce conceptual prototype samples.  Hence, their choice to use our services to produce electronic photo-realistic images of these conceptual styles.


The central feature of the rear wall of the shower was reshaped and adjusted for manufacture, using complex 3D Surface Modeling software.


Nearly 64 different conceptual photo-realistic renderings were generated using a sophisticated surface modeling software.  If an artist was used to produce these renderings, it would have cost nearly $90,000.  Our knowledge, experience, and professional approach with the software and our Client's product, reduced that cost to a small fraction, saving our client nearly 90% of the projected initial cost of design.