- Responsibilities -

Tasks included are listed below:

  • Evaluate existing paint application quality.
  • Evaluate...
    • Methods of surface preparation including:
      • Grit blasting facilities, materials, and methods
      • Phosphoric acid anodizing process implementing renewed tanks and solutions with revised instructions regarding the use of the process
    • Methods of work-in-progress transporting techniques
    • Paint application facilities, equipment, and methods, interacting with all paint personnel and the Quality Assurance Department succeeding in the development and implementation of a renewed behaviour using Empirical-Rational strategy (devising a solution that can satisfy the company and provide stimulus of self-satisfaction for each worker).
  • Act as customer service relations officer.
  • Recognize and communicate inappropriate...
    • welding techniques
    • sheet metal fabrication techniques
    • design incurring galvanic corrosion
    • vendor products
  • Work closely with local primary paint supplier to establish the following:
    • Organize testing of paint products for longevity and adhesion;
    • Paint test through logical sequence and evaluation of problem, action, result;
    • Act as a mediator for client and vendor in the selection and acquisition of paint materials.


- Contract Details -

Term contract; Paint specialist in applications and equipment/manpower utilization.


- Principal Product -

Manufacturer of heavy duty electrical transformers, switchgear, distribution equipment,

and accessories.


- Number of Employees -

Approx. 350


       Aug., 1992 - Oct., 1992