We apologize for the amount of reading below but we believe this part in addition to designing, is a critical aspect of the product development process.


So, you developed a great new product and you know it will sell but what you need now is to manufacture it so that your customers can buy it, pay for it, and use it without issues.  But the question needs to be addressed:  Was your product designed to be manufactured?  This is an element about which small companies never ask themselves and large companies on which expend excessive resources.


Nearly anything can be made but if it wasn't designed with manufacturing and fabrication processes in mind, it most likely will be unnecessarily more expensive if not prohibitively expensive to make.


Throughout the design and development process, we always apply simple but essential rules to our way of thinking so that when your product is designed, it is also prepared for manufacture yet it can be easily serviced by your support staff, used with ease by your customers, and earn you a profit.  You do not need a separate Industrial Manufacturing department.


We don't manufacture but we prepare your product in its entirety so that it can be manufactured without any modifications.  Every screw, washer, connector, pin, or otherwise is selected during the design and development  stages.  The drawing we will provide to you will include all components and materials, vendor names and part numbers.  Any support files like DXF, IGES, or STEP files will be given to you so that your vendors could utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that will reflect cost/benefit advantages.


We will provide training for your staff or vendors as required.


Remember, we work with all manufacturers and vendors so that no surprises occur when you are ready to invest in the manufacture of your exciting new product.