"James designed the enclosures for the 4000 series of ERLPhase relays and recorders.  This was done using a complex and configurable 3D model that allowed us to efficiently expand the product line by maximizing commonality between variants and minimizing design time to release new variants.  The product certification Labs and most importantly our customers were impressed with the appearance and ruggedness of the finished product.


James was very competent in his awareness of all the issues surrounding the design and manufacturing requirements for each component.  Component drawings provided all of the details required for a smooth transition to production.  He communicated well with vendors to address issues as soon as they arose with little or no involvement required by ERLPhase.


I would recommend James for any mechanical development projects."


Wrote Norbert Wegner, Hardware Manager of ERLPhase Power Technologies Ltd., Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Designer and manufacturer of digital fault recording systems and protective relays for electrical power systems.




"... James took charge of the implementation from design to the certification of products through the appropriate Certification Boards. James is excellent in his communication skills and gets along well with our team members. I would recommend James to any company for consultation work and for his high ethical values in both personal and business aspects."


Stated Arvind Naran, Eng./Quality Assurance Manager of Princess Auto Ltd. (Manufacturing Division), Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Designer and manufacturer of commercial and agricultural metal products.




"He (James) is a results oriented and detailed individual who leaves nothing to chance. All new product testing was well organized and documented."


Said Kevin Dickson, V.P. Product Development at Vansco Electronics Ltd., Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Designer and manufacturer of commercial, agricultural, and industrial OEM electronics.




"His expertise in computer related equipment allowed us to understand how the information required would effect our day-to-day process. Over and above the computer technology, James helped us through the mechanical aspects of purchasing a CNC panel saw. He was able to assist us through the maze of information that was needed to link our current BOM (Bill of Material) inside our MRP (Material Resource Planning) system to the cutting sequence of the saw."


Stated Ron Elias, Plant Manger of Triple-E (A Division of Triple-E Canada Ltd.), Winkler, MB, Canada

Manufacturer of self-powered and towed recreational vehicles.

For nearly 29 years, we have been responsible for the successfull development of innovative ideas through product design, testing, and manufacture of a diverse set of products.


Below is what a few of our clients said about our services and how we treated them throughout the development process and beyond.